1.     I am new to working out and I am nervous. Will this program be too intense for me to start?

This program is exactly for you! Everyone deserves a chance to discover all the strength their bodies have. Each of Erin’s programs is tailored to the individual, so you will never start at a level that is too hard or dangerous for you to do. In the initial session, Erin takes time to do a complete fitness assessment so understand where your body is and the current limits you are working with. At FemTribe, we want you to train with us exactly as you are. We will work with you wherever you are, and safely yet effectively get you where you want to go.


2.     Do you train men?

Erin loves men. She has a wonderful and very active Husband whom she loves dearly. However, her personal training one-on-one sessions are predominately for women. (Some exceptions apply, please email for more information) Men are welcome to attend any boot camps, group classes, or red rocks classes.


3.     What do I wear and bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. In addition, please wear closed-toe shoes, preferably tennis shoes, that are supportive and comfortable. There is a water fountain in the gym, but feel free to bring your own water bottle as well.


4.     Is there a yearly gym membership fee?

No! FemTribe currently shares a home with Ascent Fitness, located at 4697 East Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80222. There is no annual fee and clients are welcome to use the cardio equipment, without trainer supervision, any time they desire. 


5.     Are there showers?

Yes! There are two shower stalls, three bathroom stalls, two vanity mirrors with access to hair dryers, curling irons, etc, and lockers for storing belongings.  


6.     Are there towels?

Yes, towels are available! We ask that you only use the large towels in the locker rooms and use small towels when working out on the gym floor. 


7.     How do I contact Erin?

The best way to reach Erin is by e-mail.


8.     Is there an age limit for clients?

Erin trains clients ranging in ages from 16-99


9.     Where is the gym located?

FemTribe shares a space with Ascent Fitness!

4697 East Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80222


10.  Do you take credit cards?

Yes, FemTribe accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. FemTribe also accepts cash or check.